Karen Griffiths, Amanda Green and Gail Johnson.

Our nursing staff run a range of clinics such as Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Family Planning, Hypertension, INR, Childhood Immunisations and Travel Vaccinations.


Claire Davies and Laura Weale.

Our health care assistants are trained to carry out many clinical services such as blood withdrawals, ECGs, Spirometers, New Patient Checks, Blood Pressure Tests, B12 Injections and Flu Vaccinations.


Hayley Rogers, Practice Manager

Sharon Thomas, Senior Administrator

Janet Evans, Senior Administrator

Lesley Owens, Practice Secretary

Tracey Felton, Prescribing Clerk


Several Midwives provide an excellent service to the patients registered at this practice. Patients are given the telephone number and appointments are arranged with the midwife directly. The contact number is (01443) 715030.


The receptionists listed below organise appointments and Home Visits, deal with queries and can give test results to you.

The receptionists are the first contact with the practice. They have the experience to fulfil a wide variety of tasks and ensure the smooth running of the practice. It is a difficult and demanding job, so please be patient and courteous to them at all times.

Julia Macpherson
Stacey Lewis
Tracey Felton
Summer Law
Zoe Riden
Siobhan Phillips
Wendy Chick


Our practice has the benefit of working with other professionals from within the Cwm Taff NHS Trust.

District Nursing Team

Rebecca Gazzi and her team are very supportive to the Doctors, Staff and Patients registered at this practice.

Health Visiting Team

Annette Taylor and Amanda Rossiter run the Baby Clinics at both sites – Aberdare on a Monday, Aberaman on a Tuesday.

Community Coordinator

Delyth (tel: 01443 755696 or 07495 366706)

Wellbeing Coordinator

Samantha Williams (tel: 07515 166017).