Further information


The practice will accept applications from all patients wishing to register at the practice. Our practice area goes up as far as Penywaun and down to Abercwmboi. To register please call at the practice with your medical card. If you do not have a medical card the receptionist will give you a GMS1 form to complete. You will then be asked to make an appointment with one of our health care assistants for a general health check (you will need to bring a sample of urine with you to this appointment).

Once accepted you will be eligible to receive the following standards of service:

  1. Make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse for treatment
  2. To express a preference to see a particular doctor for any treatment
  3. Request to make an emergency appointment where necessary and be seen by whichever doctor is available on the day.
  4. To make a same day appointment for children who are sick and need to be seen on that day.


If you have any complaint or concern about the service that you have received from the doctors or staff working for this practice you are entitled to ask for an explanation.

We operate an in house procedure to deal with your complaints. If you wish to make a complaint please telephone or write to Hayley Rogers our Practice Manager. Miss Rogers will ensure that the complaint is investigated as thoroughly and speedily as possible. We aim to respond to you within two weeks.


All patient information is considered to be confidential and we comply fully with the Data Protection Act. All employees have access to this information in relation to their role and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

We respect your right to privacy and keep all you health information confidential and secure. It is important that the NHS keeps accurate and up-to-date records about your health and treatment so that those treating you can give you the best possible advice and care. This information is only available to those involved in your care and you should never be asked for personal information by anyone not involved in your care.


The Practice may occasionally host medical students. Your consent is required for the medical student to be present during your appointment. Patients should feel able to refuse consent to the presence of students during their consultation and/or examination. They should be reassured that their decision will in no way affect their treatment.


The practice is a GP Training Practice. This means the doctors at the practice may be involved in the training of qualified doctors. It gives them the experience to work at the practice for up to one year to complete their medical training, giving them invaluable experience of working as a General Practitioner.


The practice is a purpose built surgery with easy access for wheelchairs to the front of the building and is suitable for all disabled patients.


The practice has a statutory duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to employees and other people using the health centre. Under the terms of the act we are obliged to provide a safe environment. Any person displaying violent or aggressive behaviour will be asked to leave the building. In more serious circumstances (e.g. the threat of, or actual physical abuse) the police will be called. The incident will be documented and a report sent to the businesses service centre. The offending patient will be removed from the practice list.